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Ed Kranson

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 Silver State Veterans
Assistance Foundation

There are many organizations that  help veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Unfortunately they often do not have the funds to get men and women who served our country off the streets when they are homeless, provide a few dollars to help pay a utility bill or meet some other emergency.  It is the mission of Silver State Veterans Assistance Foundation to help these groups to carry out their work with the men and women who wore the uniforms of our country.


The Silver State Veterans Assistance Foundation is non-profit [501(c)(3) Corporation in which 100% of all donations are used to help veterans.  All members of the Board of Trustees are non-paid volunteers. We are motivated solely by our desire to see that needy veterans in Nevada are assisted by knowledgeable and qualified organizations.

In helping us you will be helping homeless, disabled, indigent veterans and their families.  Just about every veteran and their families has a legitimate need for help.  Whatever you give goes solely to needy veterans and their families.

On Memorial Day, it is easy to remember those veterans and their families who gave their lives.  On Veterans Day it is easy to remember those veterans and their families who still live.  Our goal is to be there to help them all year long.

Ed Kranson, President,

Silver State Veterans Assistance Foundation

Please Donate

Please make a donation of your choice to SSVAF so that our organization can distribute funds from domnations to Veterans events, activities and to help Veterans and their families in our community.

100% of the Donations and Grants go directly to assisting Veterans. 

SSVAF.ORG is operated by volunteers.

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Walter Anderson

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Howard Spainer

Howard Spainer

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Jerry Roth

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Founders Day Event at Fisher House

  *Courtesy Veterans Reporter   Here are some of our members and our volunteers at the Founders Day Event at Fisher House.  Ed Kranson and our Board are not only involved in this Organization, but are involved in other Veterans Organizations.  "We go...


This is our 2nd Drive to raise money for our Veterans.  We solicited from the Public funds for our cause at various locations through Henderson & Las Vegas.  As usual, our fellow Nevadans were generous.  Our directors and volunteers were involved in this Drive.  Thank you one and all!!!